You can become a magnet for love. 💖

Stop chasing and start attracting the love you so deeply desire.
Love is all about alignment. This is why it's not an outward search, it's an inward discovery of the deepest depths of your soul. When you learn to harness your soul energy, you come into alignment with not only yourself but your soul partner, soul friends, and even soul career. Yes, everything begins to work in your life when you commit do doing the work.

You deserved to be loved.

Does this feel hard for you to believe? This course is here to set the record straight. You my dear, deserve the most powerful, committed, thrilling love that this world has to offer. But, it can only arrive when you arrive within yourself. This means to finally come home and realize your true worth and inherent power. While the outcome is that you will magnetize in your soul partner, the work in this course is all about YOU.

This course is right for you if:

- You've continued to struggle with failed relationships and are tired of heartbreaks and disappointments.
- You're tired of attracting the same painful experiences on repeat, as if you go through the same cycle over and over again.
- You're ready to radically transform your life from the inside out.
- You know you don't have a good relationship with yourself and you're looking to change that.
- You want to create deeper connections and more meaning in your life.
- You're open to acknowledging your self-limiting programming and working towards releasing the false stories.
- You want to get out of your mind and finally learn to live in the present moment.
- You want to find out your attachment style and how that's been affecting your relating patterns up until this point.
- You want to learn how to establish and maintain healthy boundaries.
- You're committed to healing from minor or major traumas that have been negatively impacting your life.
- You just want some d*mn PEACE. 👏

Remember, this course is all about changing your concept of yourself.

When you change how you see yourself, the world changes how it sees you. This is the incredible gift that the universe has blessed you with. The ultimate mirror, always reflecting back to you the relationship you have with yourself. If you run from yourself, your relationships and desires will continue to run from you as well. Think of yourself as the center of your own universe (because you are!). Not in a selfish way, but in a very real and vibrational way. As you clear out the fearful programs within yourself, you resonate more deeply with the vibration of love. This loving vibration puts you on the same wavelength of the love you want, the friends you want, the career you want, and so much more.

What is included in the course?

This course is ALL WRITTEN content.

12 in-depth modules that breakdown the following:
The reason you don't love yourself now
Attachment styles
Relationship patterns (red flags & green flags)
Integrating spirituality and accessing soul energy
Self love workshop
Taking accountability and looking in the mirror
Setting powerful boundaries and sticking to them
Doing the shadow work
Dispelling common myths about relationships
What it means to be a love magnet
Coming full circle and final wrap up

Worksheets and journaling assignments as you navigate the course.

Also expect to receive a bonus inner child healing meditation and 20-minute life-changing video on spirituality.

Access to Ignite Your Soul Private Facebook Group to connect with others who have enrolled in the program. It's a great, welcoming space to ask questions.

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