This is a mini course designed to support specifically divine feminines. There is a spiritual lesson related to the journey, which is a uniting of the soul. However, many are unaware of what this means and what they can do about it. This course gives you powerful information that will transform the way you see yourself and give you an understanding of the very important role you play as a divine feminine.


"I signed up for Kailyn's TF course because I'm super new to the journey. I've been extremely confused and lost and this course has provided such clarity on everything I'm going through. I highly recommend this course for all divine feminines." -Maria P.

"I was in so much pain before I found this course. It's so simple yet it all makes perfect sense. The twin flame journey is all about your connection to yourself and when you can master that, you can master union. I'm beyond grateful for the information in this course. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" -Suzanne F.

"Just viewing the video in this course is worth every penny you pay. I've never had someone explain the journey in such a clear way. It's helped me so much to stop all of this pain I've been feeling and finally get into the power seat and steer my own life again. I feel better than I have in a super long time. Oh and I also magnetized in my twin flame!! I can't recommend this mini course enough." -Ayisha G.